I the colours and textures of the bedlinen all the

The founder of interiors brand LRNCE talks personal taste

My personal style signifiers are oversized tops. I must have about 100 shirts in this vein. My favourite is a Henrik Vibskov one, but I a lot of them myself in soft, handwoven fabrics. I pick happy colours and dark ones, because they wouldn work here in Marrakech, where I live. It so hot here that everything I needs to be very loose and comfortable, especially when I working. I got it online from a high quality designer replica handbags wholesale shop in Berlin, then I shipped it to father, who sent it to me from Belgium. That how much I wanted it. I love Marni and I wear loafers all the time when I at home.

Leenaert Marni loafers Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui

The best gift I given recently was just the other week, when I shipped a box to my parents in Belgium that was full of local products from the souk in the medina. I sent them amlou it like the Moroccan Nutella, made from roasted almonds, argan nuts and honey black soap, some of my ceramics, a shirt I made for my father, sandals for my mother, mint tea and fake louis bag flowers that I had dried myself. I put a note the box and they sent me a video recording of them opening it. It was an emotional moment as I hadn seen them in a long time.

The last thing Leenaert bought and loved: a Contax G2 camera Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui

The best gift I have ever received is a beautiful jacket from Acne Studios from husband Ayoub. It an off white woven with a terracotta print high quality designer replica handbags , very oversized, very long. I wanted it for a long it was a special edition. I found the last one online and when it was gone I really sad. But it turned replica louis vuitton out he had it for me.

In my fridge you always find lemons. Ayoub tells me you shouldn put lemons in fridge, but I like them fresh and they out too fast here otherwise. I them a lot in food, drinks and tea almost day.

Lemons seen here in one of Leenaert bowls are a staple in her fridge Yoriyas Yassine Alaoui

My favourite room in my house is my bedroom I love hanging out on my bed. I in an old house in the centre of Marrakech Gueliz quarter, and the room has high ceilings and a big French window that I always leave open onto the garden. I to be surrounded by my stuff there are clothes everywhere, ceramics on the floor, a lot of textiles. I the colours and textures of the bedlinen all the time. I buy bedsheets at Merci in Paris and from Australian brand Bed Threads, which does colours. But the are from Bless, the German brand, like the one with two people printed on the linen.

The object I would never part with is the first camera I cheap louis vuitton bags from china bought at 18, with my first It a Canon A 1 and the most precious thing I have. When I moved to Marrakech five years ago I had to leave it behind, as I only took 100kg with me half fabric, half clothes. But it back by my side now and I take it out with me every day.

With time on my hands I draw. What I last year is that if I not busy I crazy. My favourite thing to do to calm is to paint. I love to combine colours and materials and I draw a lot in my as it has a big to work on.

I have a collection of I like to collect pieces by other artists, such as Laurent Nicolas. He worked for Louis Vuitton in the leather bag department for 20 years and then quit to make replica louis vuitton bags from china his evening passion a profession. He blazing and ceramics with ropes, a lengthy and complicated technique. I have many Italian pieces that I picked up when travelling. The collection is like a diary the ceramics I buy on trips mixed with my own. The ones I made when I first moved to Marrakech are my favourite, because I remember how excited I was and are very rough, colourful and spontaneous. I was scared and cautious when I started out now I am confident and move fast, and I can see this in the work.

The last music I downloaded was the album Igor by Tyler, The Creator. I listen to it I work. I wish I could see him live but I haven had the opportunity yet.

A cause close to my high quality replica handbags china heart is animal welfare. The horses and the donkeys here in are sometimes very badly treated and made to carry heavy loads in the sun without any water. So I donate to an organisation called Jarjeer Mule, co founded by an Englishwoman who does work to save horses and donkeys that have been exploited. She is an artist and chef who does catering at fashion shows, and I admire her style and her work.

My favourite neighbourhood for shopping is Le Marais in Paris. The first time I went there was five years ago, when I a long distance relationship with Ayoub and I often flew via Paris to visit him. I love the bookstore Yvon Lambert and return from there with at least one book. I pass by The Broken Arm clothes store and then visit the David Zwirner gallery. Merci is one of my favourite stores, so it dangerous to drop in there. Then you have APC, Ami, Le Bon March everything is so decorated there, French. dancing playlist always includes a song by the South Korean DJ Peggy Gou called Night it just so happy. At our wedding we hosted three nights in a row and every night, when we wanted to get everybody on the dancefloor, we played this one song, by Rey an electronic musician with mystical and spiritual influences.

My cocktail of choice is a Negroni. It but I like it. When you had 1:1 replica handbags long day, it just the thing. My is here now she been in Marrakech with me since March and after days of lockdown we were, like replica louis vuitton bags , my God, we need to replica louis vuitton bags have a Negroni and forget what happening. unforgettable place I would love to go Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags back to high quality designer replica handbags is Jaipur. I went to India two years ago with Ayoub and I loved the handcraft there. At the end of the trip, in Udaipur, he proposed to me. But I would go back because of the magic there the atmosphere is similar to Marrakech. It a very chaotic vibe. I think you need to get lost to appreciate it. In Udaipur I a really flashy, beautifully embroidered jacket www.dolabuy.su , but I find opportunity to wear it because it so much! It hanging there in my room and I like to aaa replica designer handbags look at it and it as an object. I think I have in the shop for two hours the owner explained everything to me about their craftsmanship.

The music I listening to is Radio Pigalle, the playlist of Le Pigalle hotel in Paris. I also listen to a Belgian radio station called Studio Brussel. They play so alternative genres and also lots of young Belgian artists Oscar and the Wolf, so up date.

An indulgence I would never forgo is hammam. It a place for nothing fancy about it it 150 dirham, so about it cold outside, it the best to do. It to go there with spend an or two together and tea afterwards. In the beginning I thought it was strange need to get naked and washes you like you a child or baby.

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